School Trips

The State of California takes transportation of your children very seriously, and so does Crystal Tours! As the enforcement arm for student transportation safety, the California Highway Patrol inspects every vehicle that transports K-12 pupils within the State (please click CHP emblem for a detailed description). Each vehicle passing such inspection is issued a document called a “292 Card” which must be conspicuously displayed within the vehicle. California is the only State to have such rigorous standards. All of Crystal Tours vehicles are inspected in such manner, and all are SPAB (School Pupil Activity Bus) certified.

Crystal Tours offers safe transportation for children in public and private schools. We can transport your students across town for a football game, to the local museum, to Disneyland for “Grad or Prom Night” or across California for a multi-day field trip. Let us ensure that your students are always transported with the safety and security in mind.

Please call 818-787-7887 for your personalized quote.